Basic Search and Rescue Training

Basic Search and Rescue Training

Duration 2 Day (16 hours) *
Number of Participant Max 12 Participant
Type of Training Request In-House Training + Open Courses
Target Participant Designated teams as a part of disaster and emergency plans and workers employed in less dangerous, dangerous and highly dangerous occupations as a part of Occupational Health and Safety No. 6331, Regulation on Procedures and Principles of Employee Occupational Health and Safety Trainings.
Language of Training Turkish / English
Goals of Training The purpose of this training is to provide knowledge and skills in post-disaster local response until the off-site teams arrive, help large number of disaster victims with limited time and resources, working in coordination with off-site teams, provide support for the said teams and act as facilitators.
Instructor Qualifications Kaya Training Trainers
Content of Training Introduction to Search and Rescue, Basic Concepts, Team Organization, Rescuer Safety, Safe Working Principles, Situation Assessment, Building Damage Cases Classification According to Response Intervals, Points to Consider When Responding to Minor Fires, First Aid in Disasters, Disaster Victim Classification, Psychological States in Disaster Area, Light Urban Search and Rescue, Search Operations, Rescue Operations, Transferring Disaster Victims, Forms Used, Post-Disaster Improvement Actions.
Method of Training Applied as presentation backed lecture. Training will enhance the topics including complementary indoor and outdoor exercises.
Assessment Pre and post assessment exams

* Advanced level training programs may be created based on corporate needs.


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Basic Search and Rescue Training