NSC Principles Of Occupational Safety & Health

NSC Principles Of Occupational Safety & Health

Course Accreditation NSC
Duration 4 Day
Number of Participant Max 15 Participant
Type of Training Request In-House Training + Open Courses
Target Participant Safety and health managers, coordinators, specialists and other full-time safety practitioners; safety committee members; operations managers; loss control managers; human resource managers; and anyone with safety and health responsibilities within an organization.
Language of Training English
Goals of Training At the end of the course, delegates will be able to have solid knowledge of safety practices and terminology as well as the confidence you need to implement a comprehensive safety action plan in your organization. The delegates will get understanding of;
A balanced perspective of the full scope of occupational safety and health issues
How to examine real-life case histories to help you avoid mistakes and maximize the effectiveness of your safety initiatives
How to develop knowledge and skills that increase your competence and self-confidence on the job
How to determine when personal protective equipment (PPE) should be used and ways to increase
employee acceptance of PPE
Uses and benefits of recordkeeping to prevent injuries and illnesses and meet OSHA requirements
How to develop an emergency action plan
How to effectively plan and conduct safety inspections
The who, what, where and how of incident inspections
The impact of industrial hygiene and Hazard Communication (HazCom) standards on your safety plan
Instructor Qualifications NSC Certified Kaya Trainer
Method of Training Theoretical + in-class process
Assessment In-class evaluation


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NSC Principles Of Occupational Safety & Health