Scaffolding Audits

Scaffolding Audits

Inspection of scaffolding erection, dismantling, storage, audit, periodical inspection processes and team competency in projects and workplaces, primarily industrial facilities and construction jobs, in accordance with the national legal legislations and international standards (EN12810, 12811, NASC TG20:13, SG4:10) is ensured.

Scaffolding system audit; planning, scaffolding team organization, and equipment are expanded under business process titles, and the state of current scaffoldings are reported based on the system audit as well as sampling from the scaffolding available on the site. Reports prepared as a result of the audit provide measurable outcomes regarding the improvement of scaffolding organization and scaffolding erection-dismantling activities as we as technical details and recommendations.Audits are periodically repeated, and thus changes in performance are measured and monitored.




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