Disaster And Emergency Management

Disaster And Emergency Management

Identifying how to create and manage a structure helping all kinds of establishments regardless of the size in maintaining operations without any interruption during unforeseen disasters and emergencies is important.

KAYA CONSULTING prepares reports on the differences between the target requirements and current situation and sets fort methods for correcting the deficiencies by examining your establishment in line with the disaster and emergency management requirements.
Analysis of the risk to be caused by the hazard is a significant study which will help you in deciding what kind of preparedness is required against disasters and emergencies, and what points to consider. Moreover, being aware of the potential hazards in and around your workplaces will you’re you during disaster and emergency plan preparation stage greatly.

KAYA CONSULTING identifies the potential hazards in and around your workplace office/work environment or evacuation road, conducts analysis (risk analysis) on the impact of the identified hazards on human, assets/goods and services/business continuity, recommends solutions for reducing the risks and identifies the need with a comprehensive study performed by its expert staff.
We’ve learned from previous unpleasant experiences that finding an effective solution when disasters and emergencies break out suddenly is extremely difficult. Now, each and every organization and establishment may refer to a well prepared Disaster and Emergency Plan to learn how to act against possible hazards and risks, how to get organized, where and how the required resources can be obtained.

KAYA CONSULTING performs comprehensive Disaster and Emergency planning studies conforming to all regulations so that your establishment becomes one of the “establishments capable of coping with disaster” and the offered services become “resistant to disasters”.

KAYA CONSULTING ensures that you have a Disaster and Emergency Plan that exceeds the standards by performing planning studies and conducting current situation, hazard and risk analysis, determining internal resources and identifying needs, preparing standard operating procedures, checklists and form for identified major hazards, and setting the principles for critical duties and officials, evacuation and external response plans if necessary, communication chains, mutual assistance and cooperation.

Moreover, if requested, we can provide proactive approaches by performing plan preparation studies, plan preparation trainings, plan introduction seminars, desk and evacuation drills and plan preparation consultancy together with your employees so that the plan is vital and known by everyone.
You may need to evacuate the premises in a short period of time in case you hear or see a signal in emergencies such as fire, earthquake, etc. You need to be prepared for such a case. In other words, escape routes and potential hazards must be analyzed in depth for a quick and orderly evacuation.

KAYA CONSULTING prepares floor plans and layout plans by adding evacuation plans indicating firefighting elements, evacuation routes, emergency exits and assembly points so that you can evacuate your employees safely in cases of emergencies and prepares external response plans indicating the assembly points, first aid stations, ambulance and firefighting trucks parking lots outside your facility.
It is not singlehandedly enough that your establishment has a written Disaster and Emergency Plan. This plan must be well known by the assigned personnel, tried by everyone in drills and exercises conducted at least once annually, learned and developed as well.

KAYA CONSULTING coordinates comprehensive drills by creating custom scenarios for fire, earthquake or other hazards in your establishment so that an appropriate evacuation methods is determined, employees act properly, and the trainings are reinforced.

Moreover, we design exercises intended for improving the plans by conducting scenario based desk drills with the emergency teams in order to test the operability of your establishment’s current disaster and emergency plan.
Disaster and emergency response efficiency of your organizations depend on establishing the necessary command, control, and coordination systems, and creating emergency teams for operating such systems.

KAYA CONSULTING provides process and training consultancy in creating disaster and emergency teams and providing necessary trainings to such teams by addressing the qualifications and duties of the personnel assigned to disaster response that suit your organization’s service/production structure.
This study aimed to develop the basic principles of disaster and emergency management instruments for rapidy applied management to organized industry zones management liabilies. Based on this targets, define, evaluate and mapping risks which can threat the organized industrial zones and around, define risk reducing strategies, prepare the disaster and emergency situation management strategic plan, prepare service group action plans and carry out functional drills include companies with in house organized industrial zones.




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