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Kaya Training & Consulting Hakkında

Kaya Group was established by Sabri Kaya in Karaköy, Istanbul in 1980. From the day it was established, high intellectual capital and high-level staff were one of the most wanted brands of these sectors, bringing the leadership of technical and technological ropes and high-end working sectors with stable growth to the present day, to the internal market and to the global world.

Our group continued providing services in industrial labor security, high-altitude work, rescue, technical and technological ropes, defense equipment for the defense industry, health-safety-environment project management, accredited training, and consulting, by constantly renewing itself every day.

In 2010, we moved our management and production center to the Gebze Organized Industry Zone and founded the 97th Design Center which was Turkey's first and only ministry approved in 2017 to power the sector. Our design center offers design, R&D, and product services in the fields of high working and rescue equipment, technical and technological ropes, the defense industry, and technical lifting.

Our group has quickly increased the local rate by prioritizing the production of export-based products, achieved the competency target, and designed and introduced products that are substituting products and systems in our investments. As a result, the high price of imported products has been prevented and our country has contributed positively to the current open balance.

Kaya Group provides Quality system documentation, hundreds of product documents and accreditations, and sales activities in more than 80 countries domestically and abroad, and provides health-safety-environmental project management and education consulting services to more than 20 countries growing.

Our Management Center and Manufacturing Areas

In Gebze Organised Industry Zone:

We have a total of 3 production centers which are; 9500 square meters of offices and technological rope production center, and in the same zone, a 1000 square meters of open education and test area and in the Gebze Plastickers Organised Industry Zone, we have a 2500 square meters of work safety equipment production center.

In 2023, we will do these things in the area of 9500 square meters:

The military facility security document, the special manufacturing permit for NATO Clearance military products, carbon footprint, LEED and sustainability documents will be obtained and added value for export will be provided. With attachments to be made within the same building; Two different ISO 17025 accredited laboratories for closed training center, rope and high working equipment will be established to our company, which already has blue line facilities, a customs and antrepo field with accreditation of the O.K.S.B., which will be installed, and the 300 KVH GES investment on the roof of the building will meet the energy requirement for our factory.

In 2023, the investment in our 10000 m2 reserve areas in the Gebze Organized Industry Region will be implemented and our production facility with 14000 m2 enclosed spaces will be implemented. In addition, in the UK, our warehouse and production area will be operational in order to develop export distribution channels in Europe within the same year.

After the 2023 investment year, additional investments in capacity increase and equipment and equipment will be made in addition to both investments, contributing to the increase in qualified employment from 2024. However, over the past two years, work has been completed for digital transformation and software infrastructure for industry 4.0, and WCM (World Class Manufacturing) will be implemented within the next two years.

Our areas of expertise and activities

Kaya Group Provides:

Industrial facilities, Defense Industry, Aerospace, Safety, Construction, Mining, Forestry Energy and Telecommunications, mountaineering, Search and Rescue, more than 1200 original prescription products designed and manufactured for their industry,

Commercial Maritime, Bed, Boat, Lifting, Defense, off-Road, Gaming, mountaineering, Search and Rescue, Aerospace, Safety, Fisheries, Energy, Mining, Over 9000 unique prescription technical and technological ropes designed and built for forestry Industries,

• Occupational health and safety equipment, environmental consulting and project management, training and consulting services, inspection and inspection services,

• R&D and design, manufacturing, accredited training and consulting,

And many military projects, products, and services that are not shared due to privacy agreements.

Our Brands and Brand Value

110 million euro brand value, increasing by 10% each year with 12 main and 20 subbrands, according to the gap (General Accepted Accounting Principles), INA (reduced Cash Current Analysis),

Kaya Ropes, Kaya Safety, Kaya Training, Kaya Consulting, Kaya Adventure, Kaya Defense, Kaya Rescue, Kaya Architecture, Kaya Construction, Kaya Sport, Kaya Natural, Kaya Aviation, Kaya Scaffolding,

Kaya Security and Kaya Lifting offer products and services to 12 major industries.

Patents, Registrations and Documentations

Within our group;

530 International Design Registration, useful Model, Brand Patents (30 new products developed each year),

245 International Certificates (20 new certified products each year),

We have over 150 registered addresses with COM and more than 30 COM.TR extensions that contain our brands and areas of activity.

Certification and Accreditations

With our innovative and change-oriented vision, all the certifications, accreditation, and documentation that we have achieved have brought the level of our quality standards to the best.

Our group is the only organization in the industry that has certified quality documents and certifications based on human life, design registration documents, CE, TSE, compliance with NATO standards, and many more.

Some of the institutions that we have developed a Project on Defense and Aerospace Industry;